Feds: 9th militia suspect to face charges in Mich. 3/30/10

this article talks about the ninth suspected member of a Christian militia group that prosecutors say was preparing for battle against the Antichrist and the U.S. government is to be arraigned Tuesday in federal court. But what i dont understand is that something like this should make headline news since this war shouldnt be over religion it shows more terrorism conducted by our lovley US of A then the so called "ANTICHRIST".

Did Archbishop Oscar Romero Rise After All? 3/24/10

In this article they talked about an archbishop being assassinated and the rumors of his return(ressurection). butin my opinion since he was assassinated with an american made M-16 that americans were the prime suspect. plus the fact i dont believe in your or anyone elses idea god that ifeel the bishop knew he was goin to die but he just wanted another chance to live again.

'Jihad Jane' Pleads Not Guilty  3/18/10

This article is about a Philadelphia-area woman who authorities say dubbed herself 'Jihad Jane' online pleaded not guilty Thursday in federal court to a four-count indictment charging her in an overseas terrorist plot. i feel that she is just another way to distract the population from the US invading iran iraq and afghanistan and being the real terrorists. this is just another scare tactic to keep the false flag policy in jihad janes inprisonment shouldnt have to scare us but that is why its national so that we get scared.
False flag- operations are covert operations which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one's own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy's strategy of tension.

Hollywood or Bust Clip of the week #136 3/4/10

This article is a local website one of my friends is doing. there is a new video post of skateboarding every week. And this week instead of a skate clip he did his feelings on  hollywood and fasion. i really liked it because its a whole new kind of clip genre he could be doing in order to greater his site on our art form of painting a city with a skateboard. ive got the clip below

LAPD apologizes to Robert Kennedy's family 3/3/92-3/3/10 thats my birthday

this week LAPD in a search for evidence the police took numerous items which had no reason to be taken. Roberts family lost a shirt wich was worn by the senator when he was assassinated in 1968 and had very much moral value to the family and the dirty filthy pigs took it.And not only did they jus take it they used it in a display at the palms casino resort with out permission. well i didnt think i could hate cops any more but now i do.

The Big Meltdown 3/2/10

This article is a weather report saying that global warming has intensified the storms this winter and that the spring is goin to hit hard and fast this season. it starts in the south saying that there spring has already sprung and is pushin the warm front north and north west which could cause a radical climate change.

PG&E’s laughable Prop 16: Who needs friends when you’ve got $35 million?

this article talks about a reporter being thrown out of  a prop 16  meeting which after reading this article doesnt sound like its getting passsed. but the reporter was thrown out and told no pictures and the voice reorder must be turnedoff. in my opinion prop 16 is just a way to keep PG&E a monoply.

2/23/10plane crash lands on I-80 west east of sparks not reno joe SPARKS haha

Joe Durousseau was flying the plane that was forced to make an emergency landing in the westbound lanes sof I-80. Joe durousseau was returning from a mercy mission where he helped doctors in mexico. Joe works for the reno fire department but his plane couldnt even make it back to Reno but at least he was able to land safely in SPARKS the better half of reno. haha

vocab words 2/18/10

double McTwist 1260 -2 bio'd (CORKSCREWED) out 5fiVES(540') plus a flatspin 360' adding up into a conclusion of a gold medal and a double McTwist 1260

2/11/10   Obama doesn't hand China the moon

In this article prez. obama is pleased to anounce that he is spending more money on the space program. but i feel that after reading this article, that obama is just being competitive with china. But obama was also pleased to imprisoned a chinese spy who gave china information heres a quote "The sentencing on Monday of convicted spy Dongfan Chung to 15 years in prison is proof positive of China's ongoing space-related espionage activities in the US. Chung, a former Boeing and Rockwell International employee, was convicted last year of providing information to China about US rockets and the space shuttle.

2/10/10 Blizzard Warnings Issued As Storm Whips East Coast

Well heres an el nino year of storms. the east coast of the US is recieving a snow snow and has been for a bout a week now.And almost every meteoroligist interwiewed sayed the record book is out the window on this one. but every little kid was happy to have a snow day, a whopping 1.1 million kid snow day.or  rather days. And even though there are many vows to clean the roads in Washington, officials were tallying up the cost of the double-barreled snowstorms after the federal government shut down yet again. About 230,000 federal workers in Washington have been off since Friday afternoon, when the first storm began.
meteorologists–noun 1. the science dealing with the atmosphere and its phenomena, including weather and climate.

Governor Gibbons vows to shrink government, blames lawmakers for crisis 2/9/1

To me it seems that this article is just one of many that tells us that our politicians need to keep more percentages of the money in our economy, then turn around and blame it on the economy. gov. Gibbons really is just is trying to not seem like the bad guy but the truth is everyone he works for and employs is to be blamed. Us as the working class still seem to be able to make lives work  barely but why cant the  people who make the money or laws seem to spending into their own pockets while we struggle. then they write articles to blame people well we dont need to be blaming and we need to be fixin our money  problems.
economy;–noun 1. thrifty management; frugality in the expenditure or consumption of money, materials, etc.

12 months prison for Viennese poet? 2/3/10

The article today that i found is about a Viennese poet who loves to display his art publicly and without permission. He recently has been fined and charged with other counts of  crimes. but he says art shouldnt need permission only to better the world.

2/2/10Taliban take on the US's surge

This article talks about the taliban trying to fewer the troop numbers in their home country. aphghanistan and the UN agreee that the US is influencing their military too much in other countries. a quote from the UN"The key issue boils down to one of trust, that is, whether the US would be prepared to only send in replacements for previously deployed troops,"i find this quote to be very american corporation backed. because with no troops in aphghanistan how will the military be able to spend money and invade innocent countries like iran.
Surge:  –noun 1. a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep: the onward surge of an angry mob.

Beijing furious at arms sales to Taiwan 2/1/10

bilateral:  pertaining to, involving, or affecting two or both sides, factions, parties, or the like: a bilateral agreement; bilateral sponsorship.
The Obama administration told Congress on Friday of its proposed arms deal to Taiwan, a $6.4 billion package.The sale includes 60 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters, 114 Patriot "Advanced Capability-3" anti-missile systems, and command-and-control enhancement. The US also will supply 12 advanced Harpoon missiles, plus two mine-hunting ships.taiwan is pissed off china and taiwan is threatning to lose contact a with america and washington. so congress is pending the sale.

1/28/10  Cuts in Las Vegas help US Airways narrow losses

A major cut inthe vegas airlines 1/27/10 has cut many airlines flying in and out, so if you plan on goin to vegas any time soon your  driving. Since the 2008 3rd quarter there already has been almost two million dollar cuts to the vegas airlines, and as of yesterday theres almost already no flights except private owned. many jobs are expected to be layed off.
Revenue-the income of a government from taxation, excise duties, customs, or other sources, appropriated to the payment of the public expenses.