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perspective and bias 11/10
The first link is a post talking about the democrats ideas on abortion which i feel that is left up to the person, but democrats strongly disagree in this article. The second link is an article that talks more about the idea of veterans and other poor people, notice war veterans and poor people seem to a be their own social class now, should recieve better health care at the cost of  the rich.

Reflections on Michael Moore’s capitalism 11/4

I personally haven't seen this film but i don't really like michael moore's films i feel that he is working for some one to make these films. i also feel he doesnt put all the information in to these films. but the films idea is good to show how capitolism iis taking over and how social classes are what feeds the rich man his dinner.
capitalism–noun an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, esp. as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.

Lockwood dump 11/3

This article has 2 articles for this title one talks about how bad it is for workers in reno and how he wants to relocate to his business to the dump. He feels that way because he thinks if he works like garbage why shouldn't he work with  garbage. The  second article talked about the life of bums in reno shows tourists how much our downtown looks like a dump. but he does give sympathy  towards the bums but wishes they would do better for themselves.
hodgepodge–noun a heterogeneous mixture; jumble

3 independent news sites 11/2

chris A.'s repost 10/29

There needs to be more planning of train routes in india. There was an unplanned colision in india killing 22 and injured 26. but like chris said there really isn't much you can do if your in this position. you might be able to to jump out but  your still gonna get hurt.

At least 22 dead as trains collide in IndiaA train collision in northern India killed at least 22 people early Wednesday. There was also 26 injured people, these two trains went head to head cause one train over shot a signle to stop. I think that train crashes are really intense, just think if you where the poistion and there was nothing you can do to stop it from crashing...


tim's re post 10/28

21-year-old steals ambulance
A 21-year-old man stole a parked ambulance that had been parked near a bar. The ambulance was parked while medics responded to a minor medical injury nearby. He led the police on a brief lowspeed chace before crashing the ambulance. He was charged with theft of an ambulance and driving under the influence.

---i think anyone who is dumb enough to steal an ambulance should go jump off a cliff. plus what if there was 20 car pile up a block away he would have let that go on with no medics around. he would have been stuck with those deaths or injuries in  that pile up.

put put's repost 10/26.

Anyone for a game of beer pong? Well Harrahs Cal Neva and the GSR are doing weekly rounds of tournments. The winners can walk out drunk with their pockets thicker. two man teams and 500$ grand prizes.
the winners are allowed to go to vegas in search of 50,000$
Ryan putnam--Weekly beer pong 9/30 here's a link 
Harrah's, Cal Neva, and GSR are now doing weekly turnments for beer pong. The Cal Neva has a two on two tournment with a $10 entry fee and if your solo don't worry they will team you up with someone else who came solo. The prize is about $500. In December Harrah's is doing a World series beer pong where the campions will go to Vegas to compeate for a $50,000 dollar prize. There is also other little places to go to but hey it bets your friends basement or garage.

Pakistan braces for attacks as offensive continues 10/22

This article talks about the recent infiltration by the taliban in to the Pakistani army. They went into their armies land and killed multiple generals and ended it off with many killings and suicide bombings on the street. this attack left over 150 people dead. Ahmed, whose rank is equivalent to a U.S. brigadier-general is the second senior officer to be killed in less than two weeks following a commando-style raid on army headquarters in Rawalpindi.These attacks left the stock market exposed in pakistan and is leaving a big footprint on it and will probably stay there as long as the war is goin on.

Fraud inquiry slashes Karzai vote to 48%, setting stage for runoff 10/21

I find this article very interesting, the fact that, that many votes  got put on the wrong side of the election in aphganistan to be very suspicious. If  we really just deployed that many troops to afghanistan in hope that they would have better lives and so we can make money of their resources, but it seems only the money part is working.Well for the rich anyways. But if the US really needs to deploy  40,000 more troops to afghanistan then this whole election or even idea of democracy is just a fraud to keep us over sees looking for the riches of their land GOD BLESS AMERICA.

White House advisers say Fox News is not news 10/16

This article from has claims that fox news is not a news organization at all. They said that  business should not be allowed to conform people's ideas with such one sided news."The comment came after Anita Dunn, the White House communications director, said Fox News operated "almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party"."is a quote from the article and I agree strongly. I agree that they should show more of the story but i feel this article is another white house news company competing with fox and in search of money.

three international news sites

Citi Struggles Even as Other Banks Show Strong Profits 10/15

This article is not so surprising. It talks about how citi banks are slowly going to the bankruptcy side of things. And even with an income of $101 million  came before it accounted for $288 million in preferred dividends and a debt exchange that gave Washington 34 percent. Yet as other banks prosper with their winnings of the struggling economy citi banks are gettin down in the dumps. But if you ask let all the banks close we dont need them.

  Cleansing the Air at the Expense of Waterways 10/14

Pollution makes national news yet again. The yellow smoke pouring from the tall chimneys of the nearby coal fired power plant, which left a film on their cars and pebbles of coal waste in their yards. Five states  including New York and New Jersey  Pennsylvania. alleghany energy has claimed and been sued for the air pollution. they have claimed up to 150,000 tons of trapped air pollutants and after the suit they began to dump their waste products in the water of the Monongahela River, which provides drinking water to 350,000 people and flows into Pittsburgh, 40 miles to the north.

5 Gunmen Sought in Wild Bar Shootout Near Ohio Campus 10/12,2933,564081,00.html

near a bar in toledo ohio there was a shootout with 5 individuals and a couple of other rivals.wwhen the bartender was asked what happened the man said the shooters were trying to sell marijuana and a deal went bad and a fight brode out then shots rang out. police are still looking for the indivuals who can shoot 17bullets and not hit a single one.

Thousands Of Abandoned, Foreclosed Homes Threatened By Florida Hurricane 10/8

in response to this article, i find that karma is going to have its way with the banks. there is a 120 million dollar storm of damage brewing in florida. but its alright the the banks already kicked every body out of there homes so the only ones needing to worry are the banks. but besides that i hope the population is safe so when the bank go bankrupt the population might live without interest rates long enough to get some nice homes without the banks.

 Obama: Health Care Plan Would Give Seniors Right To Choose How They Are Killed 10/7

this address from the president doesnt quite shock me as it should even though its the onion. the prez. talked about how the new health care reform will allow the older population to choose how they are murdered as the savior of the rest of the economy. "Under my plan, seniors are going to be killed the way they want to be killed, end of story," said the president, who acknowledged that "wiping out" the nation's elderly population has always been his No. 1 priority. "If your grandmother would rather be euthanized in the privacy of her own home than be gutted and hanged on a high school soccer field, she is entitled to that right." quoted by the prez.(the onion). as sick as that sounds its even more that i can believe this actually happening in

Michael Vick Fails To Inspire Team With 'Great' Dogfighting Story

michael vick who just got out of an 18 month prison sentence just joined the philadelphia eagles! during the big game he tries to get his teammates focused with the underdog story, the dogfight underdog story that was held in his back yard. vick actually didnt help his teamates at all actually it kinda disgusted them.

Altamont Bird Slaughter Worsens 9/30

          this article talks about the raise of bird deaths in the east bay. these deaths are caused by wind turbines and kill about 5000 a year. the percentage of raise in deaths since 2005 is 23% and before that in 2003 was 17%. many animal rights groups have sued the companies owning the turbines, and yet the politicians have turned their backs to it multiple times and yet the rate of death grows and shows no one cares but 5000 deaths a year is too much.

Cable broke my jaw  9/29

              the aritcle i just read definitly caught my attention by the title. the article tells me that raiders coach tom cable had actually struct and broke randy hansen's jaw. napa police are furthering their clues as to how and why cable hit him. one thing the raiders don't need is to lose another player. the raiders already suck and can't afford to lose a coach to suspension and a player to an injury due to the coach. further details on what the police are going to do will be posted on

9/28 motorcycle dare devil

                 This article talks about the world record breaking motorcycle jump at the grand sierra resort in reno, nevadathe dare devil  promised reno it would make a 300 ft. jump breaking the world record, and when he attempted he shattered the record by 16 feet. the new world record is now set at 316 feet, so who ever thinks they can break the record com on down to reno. the video after the article was amazing watching some one fly through the air for almost 4 or 5 seconds.

Street vibrations rumbles in to reno  9/24

                 This article was an introduction to the street vibrations. Street vibrations is a festival in downtown virginia city and anywhere else the motorcyclists plan to rome. I myself would like to go and enjoy the site of all the motor cycles. street vibrations should be cool this year.