chapter 10 questions does evil forest refute the argument of uzoowulu that he beat his wife because she was unfaithful to him?
--they want to chop his gentitles off and they just fought a little bit. are problems like this afeccted by the fact that whole families are involved in marriage unlike in american culture where a man and a woman may wed quite indepindently of their families and even against families' wishes? what are the advantages and disadvantages of each system?
---an advantage of having independent choice is the fact that its your choice and noone else's. a disadvantage is that your choice could be wrong. and an advantage of having your family choose and make decisions is they are a third party and can probably know whats right for you.

chapter 5-6 questions

what is oknkwo's attitude toward's the feast?
-he is mad at ikefuma and hiding how excited he is about the feast
what do you think is the significance of having a women sit with her legs closed?
-i find it would be relavant if wearing a skirt or dress otherwise she can do as she pleases.
what roles does chielo play in the village?
-she was a widow with two kids, and was the oracle of the hills and caves.she often prophesied that the spirit of agbala was upon her.

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